Trade & Environment Beyond Doha – New Article Published

I just had an article published in the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law.

Put simply, it explores the link between the Doha Round of trade negotiations and its impact and importance for the link between Trade & Climate Change.

Of course, it quickly becomes a bit more subtle than that and in the article I put forward the suggestion that what we are actually seeing is a greater shift occurring with regards to multilateral governance. It will be a very uncertain, and rather dangerous, time ahead where multilateral institutions are struggling to find a comfortable fit with the problems that they are attempting to solve.

My conclusion in the article was the following:

“We are at an important transition period with regards to multilateral progress in the areas of both trade and climate change. A “messier” landscape of international governance seems to be emerging  with current institutions struggling to find a new role while trying to account for changed power dynamics and novel avenues for progress. What is certain at this point is that it will take time for such a new landscape to fully emerge, let alone to figure out what melding, if any, there will be with current multilateral institutions. Affording long periods of time, however, may prove to be problematic. This transition phase and the time it will require includes components of volatility, which may be particularly relevant for the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the WTO. Seen as an own multilateral area, the intersection of trade and climate change is still in its infancy with neither side of the trade and climate interface currently able to manage a meaningful linkage without significant further progress and appropriate sequencing of events.”

I will be exploring some of these themes in a few posts to come and also try to make the article itself available here on the site. Needless to say, very interesting times lie ahead for the field of trade and environment.

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