Key academics

There are many academics writing on the intersection of Trade & Environment. I cannot stress enough that this is not some attempt at determining who knows what or in any way make some “ranking”. It is simply a non-exhaustive sample of some of the academics that I have personally read and come across in my own studies. For anyone looking to educate oneself in this field, knowing these names can be a great start in finding good articles and books from people with an established interest in trade and environment. To contribute with more suggestions, please send me a message. 

On a further note of some importance, some of the greatest expertise on these issues is contained in organizations outside the universities. I highly recommend looking up some of that expertise by browsing the “Key organizations” page.

Steve Charnovitz
Associate Professor, George Washington University Law School  

Brian R. Copeland
Professor of Economics, University of British Columbia 

Thomas Cottier
Professor of European and International Economic Law, University of Bern (WTI)

Daniel Esty
Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, Yale University

Kevin P. Gallagher
Associate Professor of International Relations, Boston University 

Andrew Green
Associate Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law 

Henrik Horn
Former academic at Stockholm University, now at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics

Robert Howse
Professor of International Law, New York University 

Eric Neumayer
Professor of Environment and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science

Petros Mavroidis
Professor, Columbia Law School 

Jagdish Bhagwati
Professor, Columbia Law School 

Joost Pauwelyn
Professor of International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

M. Scott Taylor
Professor of Economics, University of Calgary 

Marc Williams 
Professor of International Relations, University of New South Wales.

Chris Wold
Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School

Jeffrey Frankel 
Professor of Capital Formation and Growth, Harvard University

Erich Vranes
Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business 

Sebastian Oberthür
Academic Director, Institute for European Studies 

Frank Biermann
Professor, VU University/Lund University

Fariborz Zelli
Assistant Professor, Lund University

Thomas L. Brewer
Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University

Harro Van Asselt
Visiting Researcher, University of Oxford/Vrije University (currently at SEI) 

Duncan Brack
Associate Fellow, Chatham House




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